Introduction to Web Development Career Switcher (Remote) – November

£685.00 inc. VAT

An introduction to web development for budding coders, and those who need somewhere to get started! Over the course, you will learn the fundamental skills of front-end web development, including three dedicated sessions on JavaScript. At the end of the course, you will be able to build a website from scratch! Students who complete the course (including the course project) will receive a Code First Girls certificate.

Session 1) HTML Basics – Monday 15th November, 6PM-8PM GMT
Session 2) CSS Basics – Wednesday, 6PM-8PM GMT
Session 3) Recap & Project Overview – Mon, 6PM-8PM GMT
Session 4) JavaScript Part 1 (Overview, data types, loops and conditionals) – Wed, 6PM-8PM GMT
Session 5) JavaScript Part 2 (Functions and scope) – Mon, 6PM-8PM GMT
Session 6) JavaScript Part 3 (Objects and the DOM) – Wed, 6PM-8PM GMT
Session 7) Github 101 & Frameworks – Mon, 6PM-8PM GMT
Session 8) Project presentations & Careers in Web Dev – Wed, 6PM-8PM GMT


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