Introduction to Python Programming Career Switcher (Remote) – November

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A beginner-friendly course to help students learn the fundamentals of programming through problem-solving in Python. Build and deploy your first web application with us.
During the course, you will learn the fundamentals of back end programming through hands-on problem-solving and using the Python programming language. At the end of the course, you will be able to code and deploy a project with your team.
This course is completely remote, runs for 4 weeks and takes place two evenings a week for 2 hours. Students who complete the course (including the course project) will receive a Code First Girls certificate.

Session 1) Python Basics: Data Types and Variables – Tuesday 23rd November, 6PM-8PM GMT
Session 2) Problem Solving: Input, Loops and Functions with Turtle – Thursday, 6PM-8PM GMT
Session 3) Decision Making: Logic and If Statements – Tuesday, 6PM-8PM GMT
Session 4) Lists and Dictionaries – Thursday, 6PM-8PM GMT
Session 5) Files, Pip and APIs – Tuesday, 6PM-8PM GMT
Session 6) Building Your App: Project Planning and Projects – Thursday, 6PM-8PM GMT
Session 7) Building Your App: Project Work Time – Tuesday, 6PM-8PM GMT
Session 8) Project Presentations – Thursday, 6PM-8PM GMT

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