We are super excited to announce that Code First Girls has hit our 20,000 target early!

Back in 2017, we set out to teach over 20,000 women how to code in the UK and Ireland, and we are so pleased to say “We did it”! Over the past three years, Code First Girls has become the largest provider of free coding courses for women, having delivered over £14 million worth of free technology education. Through our partnership with Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, KKR, OVHcloud, and Trainline, Code First Girls has taught over three times as many women to code as the entire UK university undergraduate system!

However, our work doesn’t stop here. There is still a lot of work to be done to help close the IT skills gap, with only 19 percent of those who are pursuing Computer Science at higher education level being women. We are pleased to also let you know that we have a range of new courses and curriculum coming in 2021. Scroll down to find out more!

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“We’re thrilled to have been able to deliver on our promise to help 20,000 women learn to code. But we are just getting started. We’re launching a range of new courses, curriculum, and content formats, and urging businesses to help close the gender gap further through investing in female talent who want a career in tech, and create additional possibilities for them.”

Anna Brailsford, CEO at Code First Girls

New Courses2


Code First Girls will be expanding on our current offering and delivering a range of new courses and course content for women who are interested in pursuing a career tech in 2021. Our aim is to double the size of the current community by offering a variety of Mass Open Online Courses, revamped Introduction Classes, and our first ever Nanodegrees.

We’ll be updating our community on new courses leading into 2021 across email and social, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.


CFG’s massive open online courses (MOOCs for short!) are designed in short segments to impart technical skills, confidence, or career discovery. Open to women of all ages who are interested in exploring a career in tech, our MOOCs courses will be available online with a number of live coached sessions across a range of topics and themes. Through our MOOCs, we want to make exploring a career in tech easy for all women and showcase various pathways that can be taken to build a successful career.



Our Introduction Classes will remain as part of CFG and will continue to provide a fundamental grounding in web dev, python, or data, but we are adding some sparkly new bits and pieces into the course curriculum. Each course provides live demonstrations and applications through in-class exercises. Learners build innovative tech projects to kick start their online portfolio. These classes will be delivered virtually or face-to-face with participants receiving a CFG certification upon successful completion.


03 Nano degree

A Nanodegree is one of the new product launches that we are most excited about! Listening to our community who were keen to see more in-depth course options as part of Code First Girls, our Nanodegrees will run over 12 weeks with an option to specialise in either data or software. They will be open by application and interview to high potential women who want a career in data or software. Candidates will need to have a python or SQL certification, have passed an entry assessment, and demonstrate a commitment to working with one of our partner companies.