Find out more about our @uni or Coding Kickstarter and Career Switcher classes below as well as some general FAQs.

We place new classes on our website on a rolling basis throughout the year. Our biggest course announcements are usually in January and September when our university courses go online.



We ask that potential students only apply to one course at a time. This allows us to get back to you much faster, and also ensure that students don’t end up with multiple spaces assigned to them unnecessarily.

We recommend that students take just one course at a time in order to manage their workload. A number of students who take more than one course at a time end up having to drop out, giving up space which then cannot be reassigned.

You need a working laptop or desktop computer. This can be Mac, Linux, or Windows. Participants using Chromebooks may run into some difficulties. iPads or other tablets will not work with the courses.

Our CFG MOOCs classes are one-off taster sessions to give you a greater understanding of a certain programming language. These are not certified. Our @uni Kickstarter classes are 8 weeks long and will be certified.

Unfortunately, our courses have a capacity of between 35-40, but we receive almost 3 times this number in applications. Please don’t take the decision personally, as we try to accommodate every student that we can. All applicants are welcome to apply again at a later date, and we try to accept everyone where possible.

Just as before, our coding @uni Kickstarter courses are totally free. However, we get a lot of interest in courses from women outside our eligibility criteria who are interested in switching to a career in tech. In order to provide opportunities for these women, we offer Career Switcher courses in python, data science and web development for a steeply subsidised rate. These courses are offered throughout the year, and registration guarantees a place on the course.

Yes, Code First Girls classes will be delivered remotely for the foreseeable future.

No, our coding @uni Kickstarter or Career Switcher classes are for complete beginners.

Our trained technical instructors will be delivering the classes.

Our free coding @uni Kickstarter classes have the following eligibility criteria, you must identify as a woman or non-binary and be:

  • > Aged 18-23 years old OR

  • > Completed studies in the past two years (18+ years old) OR

  • > Currently studying (18+ years old)

We offer paid career switcher courses for women who don’t meet the eligibility criteria for our free courses. You can find out more about our Career Switcher courses here. They cost £685 per course and we do sometimes offer scholarships. Our paid classes are two evenings a week (6-8 pm) for one month.


Find out more about our Nanodegree course below.

Yes! The Nanodegree is sponsored by companies with the expectation that you will go on to work at that company. Note that while the Nanodegree is free, by taking up a place you will be getting over £10,000 worth of education for free.

You need to identify as a woman or non-binary individual to be able to apply for the Nanodegree. You will need some understanding of the specialisation you are applying for (gained either through our classes or another provider) to be able to pass the initial tech assessment stage as well.

Yes. As part of you accepting a place on the Nanodegree, you will be asked to sign an agreement stating that you will accept a job offer from the sponsoring company if this is specified in the application.

No. Any job you are offered will start upon completion of the Nanodegree and you will earn a salary once you start that role. If your application is successful you will find out further details around the role, including salary closer to the time. Note that this will vary depending on the company.

No. The Nanodegree is designed to place candidates into tech roles at our partner sponsoring companies. Each role is detailed as part of the application. 

You will receive confirmation if you successfully gain a place at least two weeks prior to the Nanodegree commencing.

You need a working laptop or desktop computer. This can be Mac, Linux, or Windows. Participants using ChromeBooks may run into some difficulties. Ipads or other tablets will not work with the classes. 

We use a variety of platforms and software, you can find the list below: 

  • Google suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides etc)
  • Zoom
  • Slack
  • Pycharm
  • My SQL Workbench
  • Github
  • IDE like Atom or Visual Studio Code

The Nanodegree is a 13 week course including a reading week period (two weeks over December-January holiday period). It’s a commitment of four evenings per week over this period (Monday to Thursday). Candidates will complete a six week foundation layer of the degree, followed by six weeks in the specialisation.

All sessions are designed for someone that also has a full time job, studies or caring responsibilities so they will be held in the evenings around 2 hours for each session.

You do not need to choose between the Nanodegree specialisations when applying, however, the specialisation is directly linked to roles at each company. For example, a company is advertising a Data Engineering role, they are likely to be sponsoring places on our Data Nanodegree. On the course, you will have a foundation layer (six weeks) that will cover core areas around Python, SQL and Web Development, before progressing on to your specialisation. Note that not all clients are sponsoring all course specialisations (Data, Software or Full-Stack), so please read the website carefully when applying.

You are able to apply for up to two companies on the Nanodegree. Note that if you apply to more than this your original application will be overwritten and not be counted.

Ideally you will have completed one of our Code First Girls Intro courses in either Python, Data or Web Dev. However, we take applications from a wide range of learning backgrounds and experience, so to progress your application you will need to pass our initial tech assessment which will be sent out to all eligible candidates as a first step. The tech assessment directly relates to the specialisation chosen. 

We appreciate that personal circumstances can sometimes  get in the way but we do require an attendance of at least 80% as well as successful completion of all projects and assessments to pass the Nanodegree.

Yes, all Nanodegree classes will be taught remotely.

Yes, there is homework for each week of the Nanodegree and you will also be working on a project linked to your specialisation areas in the second six weeks of the course. 

There will be a dedicated course channel where instructors will be able to provide support outside of the core teaching hours.Note that there will be optional helper sessions throughout the Nanodegree.

Yes, you will receive official certification for completing the Nanodegree.

There will be  assessments throughout the Nanodegree as well as one prior to starting as part of the application process to assess current levels of knowledge. There will also be a project and coursework that will go towards your final marking.

The final assessment grades: pass, merit or distinction will be awarded upon completion of the Nanodegree. Your final grade will be a cumulation of attendance, coursework and the final project. If you don’t pass the Nanodegree you will be given an opportunity to take a resit assessment, the highest grade you can achieve from the resit assessment is a pass.

Yes. We will be planning further Nanodegrees and they will be announced via our website and social channels closer to the time.


Simply fill in the details below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can (but make sure you give us 48 hours – we’re a busy bunch!)