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4th September: Demystify Data – WATCH HERE


Kickstart Your Career

More than just a conference, Code Fest 2020 is a comprehensive digital learning experience and skills exchange, providing unique opportunities to connect with inspiring leaders, innovative teams, and influential hiring experts. Through the event you can hear stories from senior and trailblazing women, engage with employers through targeted job-application and interview coaching, or learn the unique challenges that diverse entrepreneurs face.


Launch Your Future

Moving beyond the blended learning coding courses that we are best known for, Code Fest 2020 will be a flagship learning experience and skills exchange to connect start-ups, scale-ups, and enterprise level companies with our kick-ass community of 18,000 female coders. Launching the 2020 graduate hiring season, Code Fest 2020 will be the best way to connect with the most diversity focused companies in tech.

Week 1

Four days of panels, skills sessions, and interactive events open to our whole community. Each day is centred around a theme with opportunities to engage, edify, and inspire the Code First Girls community.

Section 01 Tech Decoded

Code Fest 2020 kicks off with a bang. Leading businesswomen and technologists from some of the most innovative organisations will discuss the top trends of our present moment and how these trends will impact the future of industry. Spanning a range of topics from machine learning to augmented reality to cybersecurity, the panels will be an awesome way to begin this groundbreaking learning event and get you excited about a career in technology. Tech Decoded is delivered in partnership with Bank of America.

2020: The Year of Tech


2020 is a year of global change; what does that look like for the tech industries and for individual companies? How has it been navigating through the last few months and what have been the triumphs and pitfalls so far?

Hacking Remote Culture


We speak to our panellists and about how and where office life will transition: the fine balance between maintaining a strong culture with the necessities of working remotely. How will this change hiring and recruitment? Does remote working mean a change to global from local?

Defining D&I


What does the current landscape look like currently and where have the big wins been made so far? What are the next steps post-covid, post-BLM in 2020, and with changing study patterns of young people?

SECTION 02 Future Stars

It is great to see the example of impressive women in senior roles, but it also is important to see examples on the first rung of the ladder. The Future Stars series is a day of talks and conversations with women thriving in their first role in technology. Future stars of the industry will answer questions about how they got there, the challenges and triumphs of their first few years, and how their perspective is impacting their teams or their companies for the better.

Choose Your Own Adventure


How do you even pick a path? What factors should our community be considering? What are the benefits of boxing yourself versus being a broad all-rounder? How much does your first step affect your long term goals?

Featured Tech Stars

Client Led Content

Learn from some of the future’s brightest women tech stars across different industries.

How To Max Your Impact

Skills Session

What are the overlooked skills that you can bring into your career in 2020? How can networking, speaking, mentoring, volunteering benefit your career?

Featured Tech Stars

Client Led Content

Learn from some of the future’s brightest women tech stars across different industries.

Switching To Tech


A move into tech from elsewhere is exciting! We speak to four panellists about adapting, positive change, and their inspiration. What changes would they like to see brought into tech from individual experience and other sectors?

Section 03 Start-Up Sessions

Do not be afraid to step off the beaten path and explore the world of start-ups and high growth companies. The start-up sessions will be insights into the stories, innovations,  struggles overcome by start-up founders, CEOs, CTOs and early team members, and the best practices of building a healthy organisation from the ground-up.
The sessions will answer questions about working for high growth businesses, and address the challenges along the way. The Start-Up Sessions are delivered in partnership with Google for Startups.

Starting A Business


Shining a light on the arcane world of the ‘start-up ecosystem’, founders and entrepreneurs will share insights on things like idea generation, product market fit, funding, working with a co-founder, and early hiring decisions.

Pitching Your Plan

Skill Session

So many of us have great ideas. How can we communicate the idea to funds or investors in a concise and business savvy way?

Featured Start-Ups

Client Led Content

Meet some of the world’s most exciting start-ups looking to put diversity at the heart of their business.

Start-Up To Scale-Up


What are the challenges when scaling, and how are you putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of your business?

Black Heritage Leaders


Stories of entrepreneurship, success and challenge from black women founders and early team members.

Section 04 Demystify Data

Careers in data are among the most popular among our community, however the paths to these roles can be mystifying. This day of panels and skills sessions will answer questions of what data focused roles actually look like, how successful women in the field have reached their goals, and will culminate with the launch of the Big Data Sustainability Challenge with Rolls Royce’ R² Data Labs.

Inspired By Data


This is a panel unpacking the biggest trends in the world of data delivered by inspiring women at the forefront of the industry.

Data Skills Session

Skills Session

Explore key skills and their practical applications for data based roles.

Featured Careers


This section will explore two different career paths on offer in data based industries; data scientist and data engineer.

Big Data Sustainability Challenge


Announcing the launch of the Big Data Sustainability Challenge in partnership with Rolls Royce.

Weeks 2 & 4

We are also developing bespoke events, challenges and activities in partnership with our clients to provide focused training, networking and career prep with our community of over 18,000 women. Week 2 will consist of our CFG Uni Essentials, free massive open online classes to give you a taste of python, web dev or data science. Click here to register!

Week 3

The Career Nav series is an opportunity for you to connect with a selected group of insightful recruitment experts and hiring managers through workshops, talks, and speed-dating style networking. The series is broken into <search>, <apply> and <interview>.

Career Nav 01 <search>

Get inspiration and find answers to the questions that you always wanted to ask about what opportunities exist in tech.

What jobs are actually out there?
Which role would be best suited to your skills?
What does a career path look like?

This event connects 80 women and 6 firms for a day of discovery, networking, learning, and skills building.

Career Nav 02 <apply><interview>

After finding a role with an organisation that interests you, the application process can also be daunting. To help you to prepare for this, we will be providing a unique opportunity to speak with recruiters from companies like Bank of America, Trainline or OVHcloud, and get the inside tips and tricks to perform your best on their applications for graduate and entry level positions.