Photo of Rehana CFG Instructor, Fellow & Alumni

Code First Girls Web Development Course & Code First Girls Fellow

My name is Rehana and I am a creative and educational technologist. It all started with Code First Girls, when I wrote the legendary “Hello world!” for the first time during the Web Development course a few years ago. Coming from a non-tech background, I was amazed by my newly-acquired and creative superpowers and decided that I wanted to learn more. So I did: in my free time I taught myself C++ with Arduino, and took on CFG’s Python course to learn some more coding. 

I hadn’t considered a career in tech before, especially since I was studying for a BSc in Psychology at the time, but with all the skills I had recently acquired, I decided to combine them into a career. I am now teaching (creative) coding, robotics, (sewable) electronics, musical technology, and physical computing. I also work together with school teachers to design and create innovative computer science lessons and resources.

To give back to the wonderful CFG community, who helped me gain the tech skills and support I needed, I decided to become a CFG instructor and teach Python to women who come from non-traditional and non-tech backgrounds, just like myself a few years ago, and I am currently completing the Fellowship programme.