At Code First Girls we are on a mission to help women rewrite their future. Through the power of community and our dream team below, change can, and will happen. One day, we hope to meet you in person, but in the mean time, get to know us a little bit below and  throw us a connect on LinkedIn if you’d like! 

If you scroll down a little further, you can find out more about any open roles at CFG, plus see some evidence of the fun we have as a team! 

Anna Brailsford

Anna started her career in tech as the Commercial Director of and LinkedIn. Anna is leading the charge at CFG and focused on getting as many women into tech as we can. Additionally, Anna is a board member for the Institute of Coding. #funfact: Anna loves all things creative and is often found at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Kim Gray

Kim Gray
Senior Programmes & Delivery Manager

Kim manages our programmes and curriculums, providing free learning opportunities for women across the UK. Kim has experience in events and operations for startups and is currently completing a full stack bootcamp. In her spare time, Kim is the googly-eye connoisseur of CFG and master chef / food taster, often giving food reviews on our weekly team meeting.

Jonathan Hewitt

Jonathan Hewitt
Growth Marketing Manager

Jonathan manages all marketing and growth initiatives across Code First Girls. He has experience working with startups and global brands. When he's not creating new coding memes, you'll find Jonathan admiring his trophy as the reigning 2021 CFG Taskmaster, where we witnessed him unleashing his skills across Hawaiian shirt fashion, portrait painting, crushing eggs with his hand, and fancy-cocktail making.

Sherin Helmy-Bianco
Commercial Partnerships Manager

Sherin is responsible for management and growth of strategic accounts. Previously she worked for various HR tech companies, including LinkedIn. She holds a First Class Degree in Business Psychology from Birkbeck University.

Sophie Bower

Sophie Bower
Marketing Director

Sophie is responsible for all things marketing at CFG. Previously, Sophie has worked across a range of industries including social networks, FMCG / retail, entertainment and travel. It can get confusing with two Sophies in the house, but luckily for us, this Sophie has an Aussie accent and numerous tales of laughing kookaburras, tinnies at the beach, snags on the barbie, and the "benefits" of Vegemite.

Profile picture of Rahima

Rahima Ngatika
Social Media & Content Assistant

Rahima gets super creative looking after our social media posts and driving community engagement at Code First Girls. A recent grad from the University of Northampton, Rahima rocks her own YouTube channel in her spare time and loves travelling and experiencing new things with family and friends. Expect to see some coding-themed TikToks to Cardi B’s “Up” real soon.

Helen Cleary
Programmes & Delivery Manager

Helen manages programmes and client delivery on our free coding courses. Her work background is a combination of different industries including recruitment, startups and co-working spaces. Helen is your go-to person for all things musicals and has seen Hamilton five times. Not only that, but she is a budding self defence martial artist, so is sure to keep us all in line.

Sophie Blinkhorn
Head of Operations

When she's not doing water sports or learning Italian, Sophie is responsible for the operations and programmes at Code First Girls, making sure we have the foundations in place to continue to support our rapidly growing CFG community and company partners. Sophie has experience working within global and start-up organisations within recruitment and tech focusing on client delivery and customer support.

Ceri Taylor
Programmes & Delivery Manager

Ceri manages our programmes, working with our university partners and clients. She previously worked in consumer insights as well as communications for organisations working closely with the EU. Ceri is fluent in French, so we are all avidly learning all the naughty words, and as an added bonus, she met (some may say discovered) Calvin Harris before he was super-famous (with a signed pair of sneakers to prove it!)

Rebecca Eckardt
Commercial Partnerships Manager

Rebecca is responsible for managing and growing new and existing strategic accounts. She loves languages and travelling, and speaks Swedish, Spanish and Catalan - but her secret talent is unicycling. She has previously worked for FinTech and EdTech start ups.

Greg Cackett
Finance Manager

Greg is our resident Olympian and manages all things finance, invoice and accounting. When he’s not running or pushing bobsleighs he also uses his finance role to support Code First Girls in unblocking our revenue bottlenecks, cash flow projections and business planning.



See below for roles currently available at Code First Girls. If you scroll down a little further, you’ll read about some of the great benefits of working here too!


We are continuing to grow at Code First Girls and as a result we are looking for a new teammate (male, female, non-binary) to join us as full-time Programme and Delivery Manager June-July 2021.

About the Company 

Over the past three years, Code First Girls has become the largest provider of free coding courses for women, having delivered over £15 million worth of free technology education and teaching three times as many women to code as the entire UK university undergraduate system!

Our 2021 mission is to double our community from 20,000, giving more women the opportunity to learn new skills and pursue great careers in tech. With this major growth spurt, we are on the lookout for some amazing people to join our team.

About you 

You will have a passion for social justice and a desire to change the technology industry. You will be bold and able to work autonomously, whilst being open to feedback and continuous improvement. You will be able to work in a fast paced high performance team and enjoy high growth business. 

About the role

Customer success management

The Programme and Delivery Manager needs to deliver exceptional customer service to company partners. You will work on a day to day basis with important customers such as Bank of America, NatWest and BT to deliver strategic educational programmes. On a daily basis you will be expected to manage the communications, expectations and delivery aims of clients. 

Learner experience management

You will be responsible for ensuring the delivery of our educational programmes to the highest possible standards. You will take an active role in implementing, evaluating and improving our Massive Open Courses (MOOCs), Classrooms and Nanodegree. The Programme and Delivery Manager will work hard to engage and respond to the needs of learners and the Code First Girls Community. 

University partnership management

You will build relationships with existing and new university partners across the UK to ensure the delivery of our classroom training and excellent campus engagement. 

Requirements and qualifications:

  • > Experience working with clients, project, candidate OR education management 
  • > A true passion to work in education and technology 
  • > Coding experience in any language is an advantage but not essential
  • > Working knowledge of G-suite tools, CRMs and social media is an advantage
  • > The ability to be flexible with work hours to help with the delivery of some educational programmes on weekday evenings  

CFG is looking for committed and experienced developers to become instructors for our 12-week, remotely-accessible, evening Nanodegree programme.

Code First Girls will be expanding on our current offering and delivering a range of new courses and course content for women who are interested in pursuing a career in tech in 2021. Our aim is to double the size of the current community by offering a variety of Mass Open Online Courses, revamped Introduction Classes, and our first ever Nanodegree.


General Requirements
+ A UK/IE based developer with 2+ years of experience in a professional setting
+ Strong Python skills (experience writing production code, knowledge of APIs)
+ Good  SQL skills (ability to work with databases  and write queries to access data)
+ Understanding of a product development lifecycle
+ Advanced Python skills OR Data analytics experience/understanding  (Pandas, NumPy, etc. packages )
+ Comfortable troubleshooting installation and software issues on both Windows and Mac machines
+ Experience deploying the code to production
+ Strong presentation skills
+ Ability to work with a group and handle unexpected situations
+ Passion for teaching and mentoring

‘Good to have’ requirements
+ Understanding of basic statistics techniques
+ Understanding of basic programming algorithms
+ Previous teaching experience (e.g. CFG courses)
+ Previous mentoring experience
+ Previous experience delivering MOOCs or workshops

All classes will occur Monday-Thursday from 6:30 pm – 9 pm. In total with prep time, you will work approx 100 hours over the 12 weeks. During the final six weeks, this will involve being present at all four sessions each week. Our sessions are conducted remotely via Zoom, so you can be based anywhere with good wifi.

Read the full job description here.


We are launching our Introduction to Python Programming courses in France and we need the help of some French-speaking instructors! Find out more about the role below

We are launching Introduction to Python Programming courses in France and we need the help of some French-speaking instructors!

As an assistant instructor, you will be supporting a Lead instructor with delivering the course.

Our instructors come from a variety of coding backgrounds and include computer science/technical postgraduates, company-based professionals with programming experience, freelance developers, university lecturers, students and more.

CFG courses are eight weeks long, one evening a week for two hours, and you will be compensated £30/hr for your work on the 2021 courses with Jezby Ventures and OVHcloud. These classes will be delivered remotely so you will need a working computer and a stable internet connection.

This role is part time (two hours per week) and successful applicants must be comfortable communicating in French and must have some basic experience with Python coding.



The best bits! From extra holidays, to team socials, learning opportunities and more. And did we mention helping loads of women to code also gives you an amazing sense of purpose? 🙌


28 days base holiday (20 days + 8 bank holidays). But the question is, are you a beach, city or jungle holiday person?


Bonus two weeks over Christmas when our office shuts. 


Work from home or come into the office (when restrictions lift), we’ve got those flexible working vibes.


Well, you get a new Mac + extra screens if you need it and of course some cool CFG merch. Fidget spinner anyone?


Team bonding happens once a month where we get someone to organise something ridiculously fun.


Learn how to code. You’ll get access to our classes where you can learn some new skills –  Python & Apps, Web Dev or Data & SQL.



We are a fun bunch who love to get out (or virtually out atm!) and have fun as a team or meeting our Code First Girls members at our events! But don’t just take our word for it, we’ve got some photographic evidence to get you excited!